Planning Your Child's Birthday? 4 Tips to Ensure the Perfect Menu

Now that your child is in school, the pressure is on to throw the best birthday parties. You don't want your child to be accused of having an "uncool" party. If you're planning your kid's birthday party right now, make sure you put special emphasis on the food. Providing fun food that kids will enjoy is half the work of planning the perfect party. Here are four steps you can take to provide the best party food for your child's birthday.

Remember Food Allergies

When you provide food at a kid's birthday party, it's important that you take food allergies into consideration. Many kids suffer from a variety of food allergies, including peanuts, eggs, and wheat. To make sure you're prepared for the allergies, it's a good idea to do some advanced planning. When you send out the invitations, invite parents to include a list of food allergies with their RSVP. This will ensure that you know about the allergies ahead of time.

Think Take-Out

While you're considering foods for your child's party, don't forget to add take-out to the list. Kids love take-out food. To personalize the party, choose one of your child's favorite take-out places and order from their menu. To make sure you order the right foods, simply include a sample menu in the invitations. Parents can sit down with their kids and help them choose items off the menu. Once they've made their selections, they can send the menu back. You can place the order in advance as soon as you have all the menus back.

Individualize it

Pizza is always a crowd favorite when it comes to kid's birthday parties. Don't just settle for generic pizza from the local pizzeria. Take your kid's pizza party to the next level by renting a pizza oven. You can provide the pizza crusts, including wheat-free varieties, and a wide selection of toppings. Once it's time to serve foods, the kids can gather around and choose the toppings for their own individual pizzas.

Hire a Caterer

If you want to take all the work out of planning your child's party food, hire a professional caterer. With a caterer, you won't have to worry about any of the menu planning. They'll take care of everything for you – including preparing foods with allergies in mind.

Now that it's time to start planning your kid's birthday, make sure you plan one they'll remember forever. Use the tips provided here to plan the perfect party food for your child.