Tasty Menu Options To Look For When You Order Pizza Online

In the middle of the big game, after a long day out of the house, in need of a quick dinner everyone likes--all of these are times when ordering pizza online to feed everyone in the house is a good idea. No matter where you live, you can probably hop online and have your order getting prepped faster than you could even think about getting in your car to go get some other takeout. Before you get online and order the usual couple of pies and a side of breadsticks, you should know that most pizza places now have an array of menu options to choose from. Here is a quick look at the tasty menu options you should check out the next time you order pizza online.

Salads - Need to add some veggies to your pizza dinner for a more healthy collaboration? You'll be happy to know that a lot of pizza places now have fresh salads on their menu. Chef salads with crispy iceberg lettuce and carrots, caesar salads with leafy greens and caesar dressing, and even culinary favorites like salads topped with chopped walnuts, pears, or dried cranberries are all examples of sald types you may be able to get delivered along with your pizza. 

Sandwiches - Bread, sauce, toppings, cheese- a lot of these toppings can be used to make some pretty mouthwatering sandwiches and subs, which is why it is only natural for a lot of pizza places to offer delectable toasted and fresh sandwiches on their modern menu. You may be able to order foot-long subs to go along with your pizza if you are hosting a game party and you have a houseful of hungry guests who would like to see a bit of variety. 

Pasta - In the mood for some creamy fettuccine alfredo, baked ziti topped with mozzarella cheese, or spicy italian spaghetti with all the veggies and seasoned sausage? make sure when you order pizza you look for pasta sides. Most pizza places do offer some form of pasta on their menu, but it has only recently been possible for you to have these delicious dinner-worthy treats delivered right along with yoru pizza. Look for single-serving pasta sides or full entree sized dishes big enough to feed several people. You may like the pasta so well that you choose to forego the pizza and go with pasta and breadsticks instead.