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Hi! My name is Lisa Curran. My grandfather “Nick” Pellicelli started the coffee and donuts business in 1951. At that time, it was called Dolly’s Donuts. (so named for my grandmother) That first shop was located on the corner of East and Maple Streets. The shop changed locations a couple times, but always remained at the “four corners” intersection. Soon the name of the business was changed to N&J Donuts, to include my Dad, Jack, who worked with his Dad making the donuts.

In 1974, Nick passed away. Jack and Dotty (my Mom) decided to continue on with the shop, building a successful business. Then, in 1986, Jack passed away. I still miss him today. Though I am sure that he is proud of me, for my twenty years of hard work, to keep the shop alive.

As the third generation of my family to run N&J’s, I tried to keep with the original traditions. I did my best to keep the shop as a place where the atmosphere was comfortable, homey, and (sometimes crazy!) A place where our regular customers were more than just customers. They were, and are, our friends.

In 2006, after much serious deliberation, N&J Donuts, and the two family houses next door were sold. The three existing buildings were demolished, and a big, new, beautiful CVS store was built. That is what you now see as you drive through “four corners”.

What’s left of N&J Donuts? Some photos, many fond memories, and a great many friends are what remain. (also a great DVD) Keeping the N&J website up and running helps me to feel closer and more connected to everyone who helped to make N&J Donuts a special place- whether to work at, hang out at, or eat at. Best of all, it was a great place to make friends!

You can reach me via email, Please take a few minutes to sign our Guestbook. You could relate a memory, a funny story, or just say hello. I’d love to hear from you!

: ) Lisa

Look for the N&J Donuts commemorative brick at the Flint Library!


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