National Coffee Day: Celebrate Coffee In September

Show some love to coffee this fall with National Coffee Day, on September 29th. Whether you are an occasional drinker or a hardcore connoisseur, coffee has been a part of everyday life across the globe for centuries. The process of bean to cup is an intricate one that requires expertise and patience.

Celebrate your love of coffee this September 29th with these ideas:

Go outside your coffee comfort-zone. Try something new and a little bit different than your usual brew. Flavored k-cups are the perfect way to sample and taste different brews without the commitment of making an entire pot. Check out the unique varieties and samplers available from your favorite k-cup brand.

Get inspired in the kitchen. Coffee is an ingredient that brings a depth of flavor to a lot of dishes, from grilled meats to chocolate desserts. A splash of strong-brewed coffee helps make chocolate taste better and brings an earthy, robust note to savory dishes.

Know where your coffee comes from. Be a responsible consumer and make it a point to know where your coffee comes from. For example, do you buy organic or fair-trade coffee? Organic coffee is devoid of the chemicals used in processing the product and fair-trade varieties help to foster fair international trade practices.

Brew a pitcher to put on ice. Keep a pitcher of cold coffee on hand to serve iced; check out an iced coffee recipe online to find your own favorite. For something special, add sweetened condensed milk to your iced coffee. This makes the drink rich, smooth, and sweet, but you can use milk, cream, sugar, or syrup to suit your own tastes.

Reap the therapeutic benefits of coffee beauty products. Check out coffee-infused beauty products; caffeine has been lauded for helping with skin irritation, rosacea, and a glowing complexion. Coffee products also exfoliate and contribute to healthy skin when used in soaps and lotions.

Have friends and neighbors over for coffee. What is a better way to celebrate a love of coffee than to host family, friends, or neighbors for a communal cup of Joe? Make things easy on yourself by asking guests to bring a snack to enjoy with your favorite brew to mark the special occasion.

How will you celebrate National Coffee Day? Whether you opt to try a new coffee-infused recipe or host a Sunday morning coffee klatch, pay homage and show some respect to the humble cup of coffee this September! 

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