Employees Seem To Be In A Funk? Tips To Bring Them Out Of It

It can be easy to get into a funk while working, especially if each day is much the same. If your employees are in a funk, there are many things you can do to bring them out of it, two of which are listed below.

Have a Friday Afternoon Pizza Party

Almost everyone loves pizza, and there are so many different types that you should have no problem finding pizzas everyone will enjoy.

Make the pizza party a real party instead of putting some boxes of pizza on a table along with some plates. Put up some strands of LED twinkling lights. Put a red-checkered tablecloth over the pizza table. Put a chef's hat on and serve the pizza to your employees.

Choose the traditional sausage and pepperoni pizzas along with some different types. For example, there is pineapple pizza, chicken pizza and even mac and cheese pizza. If any of your employees are allergic to gluten, find a restaurant that offers gluten free pizza.

Go to the pizza restaurant and look over the menu. Ask the pizza restaurant if they have dessert pizza, such as pizza with fruit toppings or a chocolate sauce.

Throw a Summer Bash

Show your employees that you care for them by throwing a summer bash. This could be on a weekend so they could bring their families. Have face painting for the children as well as the adults. Set up a dunking booth and you and the other supervisors sit in the booth. Your employees will likely not mind giving you a dunk. Rent a bounce house for the kids to play in.

You can have food catered in or you can have a fun cookout. Ask some of the employees to bring charcoal grills with them and cook hamburgers and hot dogs for everyone. Put all the side items on a table, such as the condiments for the hamburgers and hot dogs. Ask each employee to bring a dessert with them so everyone can enjoy something sweet after they eat.

Set up a drawing for the employees to win a prize, such as a gift card or a free day off. Set up the drawing at a table and ask the employees to write their name down on a piece of paper and put it into a bowl. The following Monday draw a name out of the bowl in front of them.

Ask your employees for some other ideas on things they would like to do in the future.