Dining With Your Girlfriend's Parents At A Steakhouse When You're A Vegetarian

If you're girlfriend's parents have invited you out to dinner at a steakhouse, and they aren't aware that you're a vegetarian, you have two options. You can tell them you won't go because you don't eat meat, or you can be accommodating and find alternatives to meat on the steakhouse menu. This second choice is a good solution to avoiding any awkwardness. If it's the first time they are meeting you, you might not want to make them change reservations. Maybe they are only in town for a while and they made reservations at a nice steakhouse they always wanted to go to. So be a sport and solve the situation with these handy tricks.

Have Your Girlfriend Tell Them You're Fine With It

It can be awkward if they find out you don't eat meat once you get to the restaurant. They might feel like they have to offer to go eat somewhere else. The best solution is to have your girlfriend tell them ahead of time that you are a vegetarian but that you're "adventurous" and like eating in different restaurants. You could also play up your curiosity about the establishment (if it's a famous local spot) and your desire to try the steakhouse side dishes you've heard so much about.

It's All About The Sides and Salads

Most steakhouses will only have steak or fish entrees. You will see filet mignon, lamb chops, lobster, and maybe sole. However, you should not count on there being pasta dishes. What you are going to be eating will be salads and sides. One really cool thing about steakhouse restaurants is that they have amazing side dishes. Everything from creamed spinach to sautéed mushrooms, baked potatoes, hash browns, and grilled asparagus. When ordering the sides, let the server know that you want them brought out together. Instead of several small plates, have them all plated together. This way you won't take up lots of room on the table and make it awkward. You can also order salads, just be careful about the Cesar salad since many steakhouses use the classic recipe that includes anchovies.

Check Out The Steakhouse Menu Online Before You Got

It will take some time to figure out what you want to order, so visit the steakhouse website and look at their menu. This will help you decide on what to order. Because you're going to be ordering a non-traditional meal (that you're going to have to compose yourself from various menu items) you don't want to be rushed when the server arrives. Your girlfriend and her parents might know exactly what they want, and you'll be holding everyone up while you arrange your meal, so do some research ahead of time.

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