6 Types Of Pumps You May Consider

Every type of water pump is likely to experience problems in the future, and when yours faces issues, you want to have a solid repair service at the ready. In some cases, you may find that technology has improved drastically. In cases like these, you may want to consider an entirely different pump. This guide may help you have the conversation with your pump repair company.

Column Pump

A column pump is designed to offer a safe and efficient pumping experience. These pumps are meant to offer more reliability than some of the other pumps available. Columns often overlap with other types of pumps, including choppers and cutters.

Circulation Pump

A circulation pump is one that offers in-line suction in addition to discharge flanges. The goal of this pump is to offer a closed circuit in which liquids and gases can easily circulate. Ultimately, this is a traditional style of pump that you may find works just right for your setup.


HVAC pumps come in several varieties, including centrifugal, split case, and vertical multistage. HVAC pumps are often also circulation pumps. This is because HVAC pumps require a number of different temperatures.

Chopper Pump

A chopper pump, sometimes referred to as a cutter pump, is designed to prevent clogs. If you currently have a standard pump but find that it has a lot of problems becoming clogged, this is a good choice. A grinder pump offers a similar set up with the help of its cutting teeth. Chopper pumps are intended to prevent big mistakes and clogs later down the road.

Trash Pump

If your pump will be contending with plenty of solids, including rocks and other hard items, you may want to upgrade to a trash pump. In reality, trash pumps are generally used in situations that involve mining, utilities, and construction sites. You will most often find these pumps used with dewatering projects.

Well Pump

A well pump generally consists of a vertical turbine pump. Well pumps are best for working with thin liquids. You can pump liquids even if they contain solids with the right type of gear.

Each pump has its own quirks. The one that will suit your needs best is best determined by a professional in the industry. If you have questions about pumps, it is a good idea to get in touch with an experienced technician. Avoid water and cooking emergencies as the holidays approach with the right type of pump situation. Contact a pumping system repair professional to learn more.