Christmas Gifts For A Friend With A Sweet Tooth

If you know someone who really loves sweets, and you are thinking about what to get them for Christmas, then consider getting them a gift of some really nice candies. When looking for candies, think gourmet and special, not the type that you will see in your local supermarket. Remember, you're sending this as a Christmas gift, so it should be something that the person does not normally have access to or else something that they might not buy for themselves because it's a bit too fancy and a luxury. So, to help you out here are a few suggestions.

Dark Chocolate Handmade Truffles

If the person loves chocolate, then you should think about getting them chocolate truffles. These are really fancy chocolates that the French are known for. At their most basic they are rolled ganache balls and coated with cocoa powder. When they are made with pure chocolate and cream they need to be kept cool, otherwise they get soft. So, when getting a them as a gift you have two alternatives. The first is to get a soft truffle that is made with an oil (often times a hydrogenated oil) that is stable at room temperature. The low end chocolate truffles will often have something such as palm oil, which is not that healthy. Instead look for ones that have coconut oil.

However, the easiest solution is to get chocolate truffles that have been "dipped" in tempered chocolate that will harden and remain hard at room temperature. When choosing a truffle, you can select different flavor combos. There are orange and chocolate, sea salt, and even port wine flavors.

Authentic Salt Water Taffy

If the person isn't a die hard fan of chocolate, but they do like retro candies, then authentic salt water taffy is a really fun gift idea. These candies were very popular at boardwalk candy shops years ago, and you can still find some places that make them (New Jersey, Ocean City Maryland, etc…). If you don't happen to live near these beach towns, there are certainly places online that you can order from.

Gourmet Caramels

Another really sweet gift idea is gourmet caramels. These are made with really high quality cream and caramelized sugar. Unlike some of the brands that you see in the store that are loaded with tons of high fructose corn syrup, dyes and colors (and can be rock hard), gourmet caramels will be silky smooth, soft and have a delicate flavor that allows you to savor the cream and caramel flavor.

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