Fresh Baked Bread! 3 Steps To Keep Your Bakery Bread Fresh Longer

When it comes to fresh-baked bread, there's nothing worse than reaching in for a piece only to find that it's already moldy. Unfortunately, that's part of the trade-off for avoiding the preservatives and additives of processed, store-bought bread. It's all the preservatives that helps give store-bought bread a longer shelf life. If you want fresh-baked bread without all the preservatives, and you want it to avoid the mold, you're in luck. Here are three simple tips you can use that will help keep your bakery bread fresh longer.

Buy it Whole

If you're in the habit of buying fresh bread that's pre-sliced, you may be shortening its shelf life. As soon as bread is sliced, it's exposed to the air. Unfortunately, it's the exposure to air that introduces the mold spores that turn your bread green overnight and makes it go stale. To keep your bread fresh longer, purchase your bread un-sliced and do the slicing once you get home.

Try a Different Approach

Speaking of slicing your bread once you get home. Did you know that there's a certain way you should do it? If you think it's by starting at one end and working your way through to the other side, you're wrong. Most people do slice their bread beginning at one end. Unfortunately, that leaves the end piece exposed to the air, which means the end will dry out, and you'll have to worry about mold growth. To keep your bread fresh, make the first cut directly through the middle of the loaf. Next, use your knife to cut a full slice of bread. Once you have your slice of bread, put the two halves of the loaf back together. This will help prevent mold growth and premature staling.

Wrap it Up

To keep your bakery bread fresh longer, you need to make sure that it's always wrapped up tight. As soon as you get your bread home from the bakery, take it out of the wrapper and place it in either plastic wrap or aluminum foil. Be sure that it's sealed tight and that there are no loose edges. This will prevent air from getting to the bread. For maximum protection against mold growth and premature staling, be sure to store your bread at room temperature. This will prevent moisture buildup inside the wrap.

There's nothing better than bakery-fresh bread. Keep your bread fresh, longer, by following the simple steps provided here, and talk with your local bakery, like Klosterman Baking Company, for more information and advice.