Protecting Your Commercial Refrigerator: Routine Maintenance and Regular Cleaning

When you own a restaurant or store, every penny that you can save matters. One way to save on costs is to make sure that your commercial refrigerator is well taken care of. In addition, you will need to make sure that staff members understand the need to keep your walk-in refrigerator or freezer at a consistent temperature and avoid opening the door too many times. When you have your commercial refrigeration unit properly maintained, it will run more efficiently and last for years.

Dining With Your Girlfriend's Parents At A Steakhouse When You're A Vegetarian

If you're girlfriend's parents have invited you out to dinner at a steakhouse, and they aren't aware that you're a vegetarian, you have two options. You can tell them you won't go because you don't eat meat, or you can be accommodating and find alternatives to meat on the steakhouse menu. This second choice is a good solution to avoiding any awkwardness. If it's the first time they are meeting you, you might not want to make them change reservations.

What You Can (And Should!) Expect From A Luau Caterer

Hankering after a trip to Hawaii but cannot afford the $10,000 price tag for two? Or maybe you just really miss the fun and food of a Hawaiian vacation you took a while ago? Whatever the case, you can find and hire a luau caterer that can recreate the tastes and mouthwatering delights of our fiftieth state. When you do find a luau caterer, here is what you can, and should, expect of him/her.

Employees Seem To Be In A Funk? Tips To Bring Them Out Of It

It can be easy to get into a funk while working, especially if each day is much the same. If your employees are in a funk, there are many things you can do to bring them out of it, two of which are listed below. Have a Friday Afternoon Pizza Party Almost everyone loves pizza, and there are so many different types that you should have no problem finding pizzas everyone will enjoy.

Planning Your Child's Birthday? 4 Tips to Ensure the Perfect Menu

Now that your child is in school, the pressure is on to throw the best birthday parties. You don't want your child to be accused of having an "uncool" party. If you're planning your kid's birthday party right now, make sure you put special emphasis on the food. Providing fun food that kids will enjoy is half the work of planning the perfect party. Here are four steps you can take to provide the best party food for your child's birthday.